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Potting Mix

$10.00 (Per Bag)
$56.00 (Per Scoop)
$140.00 (Per Cubic Metre)
Product Description

Contains our own mix of Fine bark mulch, Bio Blend, Pig manure, Sand, Dolomite Lime and Ficote - up to 12 months slow release fertilizer.  Great for seed raising, pot plants and general planting.

Health Warning:  Composts, potting mixes and organic soils may contain living micro-organisms, some of which can cause rare illnesses ranging from hayfever, asthma to pneumonia eg, legionaire's disease. 

Safety Precautions:   Avoid contact with skin and eyes, avoid inhaling the dust or mists from the bag or loose material.  Always wear protective clothing, gloves and a mask when handling the product.  Keep product moist when handling.  Wash hands thoroughly immediately after use.  Contact your doctor if any skin, eye or respiratory symptoms occur.

Free 1 hour trailer hire*
*$20 security deposit and drivers licence required for ID
Delivery Minimum delivery 3 scoops or 10 bags.Conditions Apply.

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