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Terms & Conditions

Trailer Hire

Trailers are FREE with purchase for the FIRST HOUR ONLY, unless you return for another load then you get another hour FREE.

After the first hour you pay $5.00 per additional 1/2 hour.

Trailers must come back CLEAN or an additional $10.00 will be charged. 

A $20.00 deposit is required and is refunded minus any late charges and clean up fee (if required) on trailer return.  Trailers are not for use overnight.

A drivers licence is required for ID.



Minimum of 3 scoops or 10 bags, delivery charge will apply, also set delivery charge for over 5 scoops or more, split loads an extra fee on top of delivery. Christchurch area only.

Scoop and Bag Sizes

Any scoop and bag sizes listed on this website are a guide only and may differ slightly

Product Sizes

Where we provide product sizes on this website they are a guide only and may differ slightly

Product Availability

Some products are seasonal and may not always be available, if unsure please contact us prior to ensure you are not disapointed


Pearsons Limited have the right to change prices at any time and some prices may differ from what is advertised